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A brick or stone fence adds luxury and longevity to any property. From one of a kind designs to classic templates, our team ensures your project adds value and aesthetic appeal to your home or structure. Call us today to 
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The team at COB Bricklaying has decades of experience building brick or stone fences. The primary difference between a brick wall and a brick fence is that fences do not require a permanent foundation. Our expertise extends to private home construction and commercial or industrial solutions. 

We manage the entire design, creation and installation process. Our team works with you to address site specific requirements and taste. We offer repair, maintenance and reconstruction services for existing fences as well.
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Brick, vinyl or wood?

‘Should I build a brick, vinyl or wooden fence?’ is a question we hear all the time. There are several things to consider. You should think about how much time you want to spend maintaining the fence. Brick fences last longer and do not require annual upkeep or outright replacement within 10-15 years as do wooden fences.

You should also decide the fence’s primary purpose and the aesthetics you want to convey. Vinyl is less sturdy, and wood can change colour and texture over time. Cost, lifespan and property value also deserve attention. 

Building a brick fence is extremely durable and long-lasting. Brick fences increase your property’s value, require no structural upkeep when built correctly and save you money over time. Our qualified team makes sure to build theright fence for your needs and concept. 

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